Friday, July 17, 2009

daiso mini buy

this is wat i have found in daiso in sembawang...

just heat the curler using hair dryer and then poke to ur hair that u wan volume.
of course ur hair have to spray with some styling product larzzz

then i found smthing nice

i have problem with black head and i lazy to 'properly' clean my face

its like a rubber thing that so call help lazy ppl to clean face properly... haha

made in china... but exclusively to daiso...

neat... can do review on it... haha

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

my fat pocket....

i wasnt expecting this to come because they mention that they do not have stock...due to overwhelming sign up.... but hey... look wat i got.

strawberry is the color i got...
lol is a cool website that has quite useful information... i do sometimes peek over to see what they have for that week and the blogger post... haha...

is a bloody good surprise cuz i went over to CWP today to try the color and i likey this color.. haha dunno how to use or shld i keep first... haahaa

Friday, May 29, 2009

1st gss purchase

got this after my work

was in 20% store wide... i ned some color to my life

is a nice shad in champane color...

like nearly my skin tone.. love it!!!

GSS is here is every ready?

i got my 120 eyeshadow ler... i going to do blog looks on it.. hweehee

Thursday, March 5, 2009

watson mystery bag!

click on the pict for more information

U ned to be a member of cozycot to join the purchase :D

so wat u waiting for? i already have my order haha...

u cant get wrong with the cozycot support plus watson goodies!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring time!!

hi everyone, it is spring time... hehe...

it is the best time to prepare your skin for a new start

anyway this is what i have been getting... :)

blog in the later detail...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dior addict event

cozycot event on the launch of dior addict

this is the model... so pretty...

the event is at tangs... love that place.. :)

she is good at capturing camera... haha

this is what jun jun got for that event... that lady help jun jun lashes curls... like so natural...

love that the most... and got tips from the MA on how to curl...

however didnt get anything from the addict side.. cuz the lasting power for the lippie issnt good...

hmmmxxx well.. once in a while u ned pampering... haha

cant wait for the other event

Friday, January 23, 2009

i love cozycot

Hey, hey you you i got a Fukuburo Bag..

yes, as it state is a lucky bag... worth $100++ and i got it at $25 thanks to cozycot.
after i brought it... my dear jun jun say what if it is just some useless voucher that those goodie bag that give out.

i was like: oh my god... and hestitate to myself.

in order to make myself feel better... i say maybe treat it as a lesson learn..

well.. JUN JUN... i going to prove you wrong...

as day pass and finally CC emailed me to go down and collect the bag... my heart thump as each step i took to go to the CC office...

and yes... on the way home, i peek and took out the GOODIES!!! more then maybe what you expected...

and this is the lucky stuff...

doesnt look alot right... but it is pack full of fame..

actually is a bag that fills what a girl really needs...
facial wash.. is a must you know. it is mild and had aloe smell to it, it is refreshing too!!
retail price is : $7~9
i bet you are surprise about this brand...
paul and joe lipstick, it has a nice scent and nice packaging to it too...

this is the color shade that i took with flash.
without flash...
it is a nude color with shimmers to it..
P&J - Lipstick cs n - 101
Pricing: $45++
too bad, it is abit damage. hope it is just a small fault.. hmmmf

yes, i bet you again... cant believe CC give this too!! wanted to try this out but too expensive for me. well, new toy for me to play with then..
the bristle i should say is alot and totally different with those drugstore that i seen.
shall do a compare review on the covergirl - lash blast (thanks jun jun), and the previous mascara that i used.

Dior - Iconic mascara, black
Pricing: $50++

this is what somebody wants... and again... CC surprise me again..
what you see, isnt what you think it is... it is actually quite fair.
just nice for me, although i have second thoughts of using it...
this is swatch under no flash.., i forgot to took it with flash.
Pricing: $45++

next, make up store.
Initally i thought that it is the makeup forever cosmetic, due to the packaging. well CC still able to surprise me because....

the color is so pretty... thinking what look shall i do with it.. hmmmx suggestion?
Pricing: $20++
yes, finally...2 HUGE bottle of shower gel... both smell great.
it was not my usual shower gel smell or what ever. well going to give it a try, though it stated 'may not suit all skin type'... haha
Pricing: ?? didnt see this around..

and a $50 SPA voucher.

dont tell me that CC do not spoilt me? yes CC spoilt everyone who got those item!!!

congrats to those got the bag.